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Reviews and Kind Words

"The vigorous choreography executed seamlessly by the cast was fantastic. This dance intensive show was simply dazzling to watch as almost every song was accompanied by the ensemble (Morgan Kelleher, Savina Barini, Cam Shegogue, Ricardo Blagrove)."

-BroadwayWorld, Head Over Heels

"[Marmee March] is beautifully sung by Savina Barini, whose voice has matured into that of a nightingale. " 

-Eye on Sun Valley, Little Women

"A play that wielded a greater wallop was “What Happens There,” written by Savina Barini... a taut psychoanalysis of complex questions related to prison reform and reducing prison populations."

-DC Theatre Scene, A Protest in Eight: What Happens There

"The ensemble- Cam Shegogue, Morgan Kelleher, Savina Barini and Ricardo Blagrove- are magnificent ... Besides, you know when they come bounding/crawling/running/leaping/sidling onstage, it’s time to DANCE!"

-MD Theatre Guide, Head Over Heels

"Played by Savina Barini, [Marianne] seems more real than the rest."

-Eye on Sun Valley, The Revolutionists

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