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Look Both Ways, dir. Raymond Caldwell

Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks, The Kennedy Center and Theater Alliance


"It is difficult to single out any one actor as they are all seemingly at the top of their game in this one. The cast, consisting of Savina Barini, Charles Franklin IV, Ixchel Hernandez, Tre’mon Mills, Kalen Robinson, and John Sygar, are perfectly in sync (and in step) throughout the show. The actors give this show the kind of force and depth that make a production memorable for years to come."

-Maryland Theatre Guide


"A series of set pieces [...] all of them earnestly and heartfully played by a six-person cast that should be soon making their way to their next block—Broadway. Top grades to this ensemble cast: Savina Barini, Charles Franklin IV, Ixchel Hernández, Tre’mon Mills, Kalen Robinson, and John Sygar."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts


​"These six [actors] are called on to portray a range of emotional states in presenting the ten vignettes: bravado, fear, worry, joy, confusion, hope, giddiness, indifference, grief, and more, and they do so moment-to-moment and situation-to-situation without missing a beat between each vignette. Frankly, any one of these winning performers is capable of shouldering a featured role in another production."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

one drop cool, Moxie Arts NY and the WP Theatre

"Humorously personable, firecracker performances by Savina Barini (May), Rocket Claman (Cooper), and Michaella Moore (Nina) wrap the central conundrum in a cozy veneer of poppy approachability that grounds the wit of the writing to reality with their impressively bold and charismatic instincts."

-Broadway DNA


Head Over Heels, Monumental Theatre Company

"The vigorous choreography executed seamlessly by the cast was fantastic. This dance intensive show was simply dazzling to watch as almost every song was accompanied by the ensemble (Morgan Kelleher, Savina Barini, Cam Shegogue, Ricardo Blagrove)."


​"The ensemble- Cam Shegogue, Morgan Kelleher, Savina Barini and Ricardo Blagrove- are magnificent ... Besides, you know when they come bounding/crawling/running/leaping/sidling onstage, it’s time to DANCE!"

-MD Theatre Guide

Head Over Heels Opening.jpg

The Revolutionists, The Spot


"Played by Savina Barini, [Marianne] seems more real than the rest."

-Eye on Sun Valley

A Protest in 8: What Happens There, Theater Alliance

"A play that wielded a greater wallop was “What Happens There,” written by Savina Barini... a taut psychoanalysis of complex questions related to prison reform and reducing prison populations."

-DC Theatre Scene

"The story beautifully unfolds and reveals Albert’s violent crime, but handles it with care. Both Branch and Brewington approach the extremely complex narrative with understated yet powerful performances that infuse Barini’s script with passion and nuance and, ultimately, makes a case for reducing prison populations."

-DC Theatre Scene

¡Luchadora!, Advenure Theatre MTC


"Barini and Ko depict their connection with genuineness and navigate some hard moments of knowing when to confide and what that confidence is worth."

-DC Metro Theatre Arts

Little Women


"[Marmee March] is beautifully sung by Savina Barini, whose voice has matured into that of a nightingale. " 

-Eye on Sun Valley

"'To have someone who came back as a mentor and provide support and structure, but is also young enough to share their passion is really cool,' [Artistic Director Sara] Gorby said of Barini."

-Idaho Mountain Express

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